Primal Kitchen Film

by Corinna Melanie

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    At long last! The Primal Kitchen Film EP is here, and I have never wanted to share anything this badly. So many dear friends and talented people who I hardly knew offered vast amounts of their time and mind and heart to make this real; I'm so grateful and excited. The ever talented and lovely Christine Jozitis and Janelle Nickou have done a stunning job on the album artwork and layout, and, I've been told that the sounds coming off of this thing ain't so bad either. Here, there be nothing more or less than cautionary tales and soulful sass sent post haste in silver-disc form, to be held in your hands, and consumed by your ears.
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Corinna Melanie shares an eclectic array of piano-driven, soulful, ruthlessly-delivered cautionary tales of the alternative-pop, soul-noir persuasion. Her song-writing is greatly inspired by the 1920's and 50's, the varying perspectives she's been offered regarding the unfortunate state of the human condition, the beauty where it still remains, the subject lines of spam emails, Shel Silverstein, the Dark Side, and unlikely parallels. Through her art, Corinna strives to shed a glaring beam of light on the absurdly extraordinary within the mundane and ordinary interactions of daily life on a personal, romantic, occasionally voyeuristic, consistently cosmic, and universally applicable level. In both the band's live performance, and her recently released EP Primal Kitchen Film, all this and often quite a bit more is forcefully conveyed, without remorse, through the dramatic, only 60% sarcastic cynical melodies that both carry and comprise her narrative songs.


released December 1, 2010

Corinna Melanie- Piano, vocals
Emily Moore- Violin
Jordyn Blakely- Drums
Val Thompson- Cello (Tracks 2, 4, & 5)
Jeremy Mendicino- Melotrone (Track 3)

Produced by Corinna Melanie and Jeremy Mendicino at Esthudio in Brighton, Massachusetts.

Mastered by Nick Zampiello and Rob Gonnella at New Alliance East

All album photos taken by Christine Jozitis

Album layout by Janelle Nickou



all rights reserved


Corinna Melanie Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Don't Dare Darling
so you never call me darling anymore
since I spent the night on the bed-side, of your Oxford bedroom door
and you never even cared as I was pulling out my hair
when you’ve books up to your nose, I guess it’s hard to be aware

and if time was a joke
I might have stayed
you never said you were glad
that my flight got delayed

the conversation that you’ve been faking
the sorry consultation I found upon awaking
go find a long one, cause later, lovely
you will be laying alone

well if I wanted a sanctuary
boy, your room is not a church
if it were I’d wipe my feet off first

so you’re never one for sorrow anymore
what’s the use in feigning pity
when you’ve told me I’m a bore

I guess my playlist was a bust
and I never could impress
plus devotion mixed with trust
is quite the lady to undress

the dissertation that you’ve been slaying
the hearts and cards and novels that you think you’ve been playing
go find a long one, ‘cause later, lovely, you will be laying alone

so you never call me darling
Track Name: Fakin' It
ladies, we're sinning
stories spun on closet shelves
a shame; it's just the beginning
with the names and the daisy
dimes shoved in your belts

oh, the moment it falls through
I will be there with my masking tape
recomposing the ragged heads you've thrown out, and
girls, you watch when I consolidate
you better watch your backs,
we've set our eyes on you

you're pining, it's fitting
and you're laughing with your lover in the dark
a shame, he thinks that he's winning...
when you're thinking how when he leaves, you'll make it spark
and if you had a way to relate all the seconds to the moments
pass or fail
all this time you've wasted
you've set the price too high for this man's bail

eight flights and you're sitting
'cause common sense requires tears and time
pity and hope in the city's
like finding sanctity and an effigy through crime

oh, the moment it falls through
I'll confide in you my worst disgrace
to authenticate the tales you've faked, you sellouts, and
you'll find a way to compensate
but no demolition debutante could get you out

courtesan, try cortisone
your wits have failed, your wits have failed you
courtesan, try cortisone
your wits have failed
your lips won't bail you out
Track Name: The Landlord Song
your bathtub's halfway out the window
the garden ivy's mostly in
mosaic mirrors of mauve and indigo
hide the shattered beams within

dug through the trenches in your garden
finding remnants of past victims
broken violins and baubles
no archivist's hands could fix them

electric files of light and moments caught
a hostage war within your home
it's getting quiet in your hallway
and still you say you're not alone

shoeboxes brim with primal kitsch and film
are for the highest to abuse
taupe walls of sacred art, torn chicken wire
loose lightbulbs fight for proof
of how the night will lie, inverted colors compromise
your health, a joke, for what's in store
'cause you're not even living anymore

tenant soldiers left for war again
you've been deserted by your kin
you wanted cornerstone utopia
only the worthy are let in

dug through the trenches in your garden
finding remnants of past victims
broken violins and baubles
no archivist's hands could fix them
Track Name: Mailman
20854 you know these numbers well
this code maps out your week
but I hide when I hear the bell
'cause through that slot you pour
financial indiscretions, surveys, credit cards
and my parents plans for pension
statements, postcards, and regrets
of a lover that I failed to mention

20854 you fell for the even numbers
Howard was your county, but routine can pull you under
you said you needed rows of perfect white-washed housing
fenced-in gardens and children playing in their yards

and a postmark on your hat
from the life where you used to wander
bag over your back
you bring notes to the houses under
both your eyes you chose what you
wish to set on their tables
hauling people's secrets and disrupting order

cardinal direction has a way of killing time
if I took that map from your hands,
maybe 3pm's not far behind, and...

you said I should have been more wary, sure,
but you, you're just a common carrier!

I should have known you'd wait 'till february
for the day when that saint will come,
and the people carry paper love around

district lines, I'd gerrymander
if it meant, you'd drop off one more letter
I'd hide your hat so you can't leave 'cause
my dignity's worth one more letter, please
Track Name: Thompson B
thompson b came home on sunday
feeling quite peculiar,
particular, he went up to the attic to compose the better
so much time alone's not healthy
you don't even know the weather
but do not be deceived by hiding;
thompson b's no child of leisure...

thompson b please find a safer place to reside
where books and toys aren't growing mold
antiques too young for their time
hide behind the lines you compromised with a fling
and where your thoughts are all your own to abide

contrived, contrasted allegories then, thirty-volume testimonies
you won't admit that you were lonely writing other people's stories

you frame yourself in Nietzsche quotes
Karl Marx and heavy isotopes
Socrates used higher words to haunt her but
larks sing of how you stooped to conquer

thompson b, please find a safer place to reside
where books and toys aren't growing mold
antiques too young for their time
hide behind the lines you compromised with a fling
and don't you dare to grant yourself some special sort of recognition
like you're the savior, messiah, of the Human Condition

go compose
where your secrets
will be safe to confide